Concern about Article 13

Ok so for those of you that don’t know about article 13 Click Here . For those of you who do here are my concerns. I am concerned that byte will be blocked in all of europe due to the fact that most of the platform would be memes (or other copyrighted material). And if byte isn’t blocked in europe then the company itself could be liable for copyright. Any thoughts? (also I know that there is another topic like this but it didnt cover any of the issues i was concerned about)


O damb that’s intense

Besides music and edits, I don’t think it will really byte. Just like on :vine: most content was original and created. If the content is original then Article 13 won’t apply to the content created. Yes, Article 13 is strict and no one hopes that it passes but if you keep original content, then you should be good.

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I hope it doesn’t causes a wide concern and hopefully it’ll all get sorted soon


Hope it doesnt affect byte :disappointed_relieved::sob:

I don’t get it… is this a voting ir government thing?

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: but edits involving copyrighted material is what i make

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Even if this “Article 13” does get passed causing issues for Byte, all ya’ll got to do is use a VPN and everything should work just fine. I would recommend using “Betternet”. It’s free, fast, and easy to use.

Just a quick thing an app isn’t going to get banned because of article 13 byte wont be harmed unless content is copied/unoriginal

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Luckily I have a VPN. But the problem is - I’m a British resident. I might get in trouble as it still applies to us.

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Thanks for your help!

But it’s not like you’d be profiting off of copyrighted material. That’s so dumb. One thing the U.S. does pretty well actually is copyright law and fair use.


yes the european union is voting on it

this is the video i linked

youtube, twitter, and instagram are considering blocking all content from europe except large companies.

Oh… The link didn’t work for me then so i didn’t know whats behind it.

oh lol sorry

If you know Spanish you should watch this.
In the video the guy explains a lot of things about the article 13.
If you don’t know Spanish try to find someone who actually knows seriously

The community needs to know about the article 13 so try to watch the video