Computer V.S Phone V.S Tablet

Which one of these do you use the most? And which one do you use for these forums?

  • Computer
  • Phone
  • Tablet

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tbh use my phone on this forum more but overall love my laptop and use it way more for everything else :o

same here. I spend almost all day using my laptop for everything and my phone just for texting or when my laptop’s battery died :stuck_out_tongue:

those are 2 different questions lmao
I use my phone more but my laptop for homework and the forums

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how has NOBODY has voted for tablet.

They have feelings too…

I use my phone as a last resort. These forums are so hard to navigate on mobile.

I prefer phone as I can take it anywhere and I am able to message my friends on snapchat and instagram.

I always just use my phone :slight_smile: