Compression & file size of the v*** :)

How about the file sizings? Will their be a limit? Or can I just record with my DSLR edit the vid in Premiere Pro and upload from my phone?

Or do I have to downscale before uploading?

Will everything be heavily decompressed like Facebook?



Great questions but no one knows yet. Only @dom can confirm now

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I hope he responds haha :smile:

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I’m hoping that we can resize profile pic photos because on here if you upload a photo v2 forums will crop it for you and that’s a bit annoying.

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Great Question :ok_hand:

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Wow I would’ve never thought of something like this

I wonder if we’ll have to downsize the file before uploading

But if we don’t it could become one of those huge data sucking apps like insta

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It would be nice to have this one answered, good question.

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I hope not. Hopefully there will be an avenue to upload from your computer as well. Some of us don’t have space enough on our phone to transfer the video to it.

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I’m hoping for some kind of standard, like a square 400 x 400 with either no limit or high limit on file size, with the ability to upload in a number of formats (mp4, wmv, avi, etc.) and hopefully pc website uploading is supported as well.


Yes, uploading from laptop would be awesome. But I don’ t think they will doe that. Because it probably will only be a mobile app. But indeed it would be so nice!

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Yes! Multiply formats would be awesome! But Idk, I don’t think it is going to happen.