Compression Algorithm ruining Stop Motion Quality?


I like to have very high quality videos for my Byte account. As much as possible with the app really!

My last two videos were 60 FPS 1080p with a bit rate from 35 to 48 Mbps. They came out amazing and I got very nice compliments on the quality of the video since it’s so smooth. (Byte: @SteenaWoo)

I have a brand new byte which I’m trying to post, it’s a very high quality video produced from stills (stop motion), bit rate around 65 Mbps (but I’ve tried lowering this to lower to see if it changes anything).

This particular video becomes incredibly compressed and looks very bad… Is the video compression algorithm perhaps ruining this video because the frames are very similar or it seems like there is not much motion?

I’ll happily send a developer or anyone on the Byte team a link to download the original quality and try it for themselves. When previewing it looks great and then when hitting the “right arrow” icon to go the step where you add a category, it becomes horribly compressed.

EDIT: Here are screenshots from the app, before it processes and after.

Any advice you can give me to get this working is appreciated…



How do you get all the pause-y and arrow shits?? :cry: I don’t get that…

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You don’t get that when uploading :thinking:?

It’s only on the upload screen when making videos (on Android). Are you on iOS?



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Im using iPhone, i shoot 360 videos with a 360 camera in 5.7k 30 fps, im having issues with video quality too, when im on the final step to post on byte, it looks pixelated. i have no idea what to do. if anyone here can help me id appreciate it.


I understand a tiny bit, they can’t do uncompressed video obviously. But my other videos look great, it’s just this particular stop motion video which comes out looking VERY pixelated.


I’m having the same exact issue, I shoot videos on an 11 pro in 4K, and I have no idea why the videos come out blurry and at like 420p :confused:

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Yeah. True I agree but most of the videos are like that


Does the video look bad when it’s actually posted? Because I noticed once that the preview seems to look not great, but once posted the video actually looks fine.

Hey @TomWho!

It really does but definitely only for this one since it’s maybe hard to compress. I ended posting it just a bit earlier with a link to a 1080p version on vimeo in the description if you’d like to compare the quality for yourself.