Compilations of byte compilations [byteception] *PLAYLIST*

Wassup everyone, it’s your local nobody from mars, [@iaa] back with a forum post that might end up as a huge flop, like my life (but this post is actually better than my life so please bear with me on this)

For today, I was bored, lurked online for a bit, lurked on the forum then saw a compilation video. and had a sudden realization that “there’s a lot of compilations being made now, I can make a playlist out of those” then thought of making a playlist containing all the byte compilations that I see. So I did a little something, made research and boom, I compiled these byte compilations for science

This playlist contains compilations from the first beta up to the latest, from different creators who took initiative to make them. I want/plan to do this as the “main community byte compilation playlist” soo that we can have a one-stop, go-to place to find/watch compilations (for reference). I will try to watch out for more here and get every compilation in the future. Credits to @Yoshr, @samderricott, @shawnkd, and a few others

These are just the few that I know that I can come up with. Are there a few that I missed? Please let me know so I can add them. And also for future compilations, will y’all also help me by letting me know so that I can also add them as well??

Thank you so much hehe love youuu

Put this under #youtube-vine-instagram-etc since I’m just highlighting other people’s compilations and putting them in a playlist or whatever, also I hope I wasn’t a duplicating post. As I did a quick search, no one has done this


sounds great! :blush:


nice :purple_heart:


This is a great idea! (and thanks for adding me ^^)


Very cool!! I’ve put personal compilations on twitter and ig but not youtube. I gotta get on that!!


Hehe how am I gonna forget the person who did the very first byte compilation and also made for both wave 2 and 3?? Lol np :blush:


All of these compilations look great!!!


wow this is actaully pretty nice. got to respect the community for doing this


great compilation loo