Yesterday November 9 Facebook released a Tik Tok clone called Lasso, it’s only available in the U.S. For now what do you guys think, Do you think Dom made a mistake announcing that Byte would be launch in 2019? Thoughts Screenshot_20181109-201753

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hi am in the uk and i got Lasso working on my phone now

Uh, I read an article that said that it was only available in the US. Did you change your location or something?

no i went on to google uk and type in Lasso apk android and it came up and is working ok in the uk on my phone

all i can say is



Smart move man.

i see you cant comment on videos or go live i hope on Byte you be able to comment on videos

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I think they should try and release it in January, or bring a alpha or beta as soon as possible. Just to get out there and get as much people to use Byte. Because by spring lots of people will stay on tiktok or lasso and not switch to Byte. That’s my opinion anyway.

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I agree with this…sooner the better

Buuut don’t want it rushed sooo real predicament hmm


True, I think maybe late January just to get the basics. And they should add something special to stand out from all the other competition.

I feel like tik tok is a cringey trend that’s just gonna die soon, and lasso is just a quiet copy, so it should be good

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facebook has tried to copy snapchat filters and etc. and it hasn’t hurt snapchat so I doubt this will end up being news worthy


not to be pessimistic or anything, but it’s harmed snapchat more than most people think

the day instagram “introduced” stories, I told my followers that “once people’s streaks die, snapchat will too”

I give snapchat at most 2 years left if they can’t think of anything gravitating enough

tik tok is a fad, it doesnt have staying power because with how it works, there’s not a whole lot of room to be creative. lasso is just facebook’s attempt to latch on to the popularity.


I don’t know what to feel bt this… smh.

now saying on the Lasso app today cant get into it some thing went wrong

I don’t know what to think. Maybe it wasn’t good or bad the fact that he told the release date. When @dom said he would release v2 on this summer (lolwhatatime) Oevo was rushed and released but it failed :woman_shrugging:t2: , maybe it happens the same with wave and lasso. However the only app that has created a HUGE amount of hype is byte so…


Yes, I agree. And look at oevo now lol

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yeah :broken_heart: yet I liked oevo, it was like the first app I actually spent time on so it has some meaning for me

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It had potential, had it not been rushed.

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