Compatibility with Roku, Chromecast, etc

I remember having to screen mirror my phone to show my family a vine on the big tv, which was a pain because of it’s laggy qualities and the frequency of crashes. It would be wonderful if v2 came with an option to directly cast videos to the screen, while still being able to control it from the phone. I just used @Angelo.Destro’s design to show you what I’m talking about. When being able to cast directly from an app, it provides with a smooth video playback, rather than the laggy mirroring option. :slight_smile:



That would be nice to watch. My friend watched my Instagram videos on her TV and it felt so good tbh

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Way better than watching on a phone tbh

That would be very nice to have, I would use it a lot if this was implemented.

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Same here :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like the idea, it will be usefull

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This would be so cool if I could watch vines on my PS4. Great idea.

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Thank you!

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Glad to hear that :slight_smile:

I feel like this is a good idea, but it shouldn’t be placed there. Rather, it should be placed somewhere on the video or in the hamburger menu as an option ( I don’t see many people using this, but it would be nice to have ). I am working on a new design for the discover page where if you wanted to create a post it would be in the right hand corner (where you currently have your icon).

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I see what you mean, I guess since I’m used to apps like Netflix and YouTube that use casting more, they have the icon where everyone can see them


or even if it could have an app (like spotify, netflix and youtube) on smart tvs! that way you can watch compilations without having to use your phone :blush:

i always watch vines through the youtube app on my tv, so this would be awesome!!

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That would be really cool!

brilliant idea! would love to have to this in the app

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Thank you for the feedback!

That would be a cool feature! Maybe the option would only be available while playing a vine, unlike the mockup provided in the post.

Yeah I was thinking that while casting, only the video and captions/user would show up, then your phone would act as a browser and remote

Would definitely like this! @dom this could be really great

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Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: