Community moderation

I’m interested in seeing a feature I like from parascope, regarding moderation methods with their comments.

They take a random pool of people and will ask if you think the comment is “abusive” “okay” or “not sure”. It’s not a perfect system, but I think having a jury of people who are users of the app is a great concept. It’s also totally optional to participate.

Also another feature they have is they’ll ask “are you sure you want to post this?” (While briefly explaining potential problems the user may face if the comment is deemed abusive) When certain language is used. It gives users the opportunity to adjust their comment if it isn’t well intentioned.

Let me know your thoughts, thanks for reading!


Here’s something that might be useful, thought I mention it just in case :smirk:

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Glad you have the same idea too! Hopefully the advice is taken. It could take off some weight from the mod teams shoulders too.

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there should be a way to turn off comments, or delete them from your post. that stops a lot of bullying on tiktok

I believe they are working on a way to filter comments, but you can delete comments now.


There should be a way to delete comments and stuff and block out the bad stuff