Community Drafted for byte Teams

Community Drafted (cd) - “Drafted videos that are given Up, or Down votes are added to the category Community Drafted.”

Community Drafted showcase a teams ability to critique, review, and vote per team member’s video.

The (cd) category videos were originally “Drafts.” A draft is a video in the draft option of their team’s timeline waiting for review. The team members that review the (cd) videos can give Up votes, and Down votes. Not ‘share’ between teams/friends, or ‘like,’ possibly conflicting with genuine Up votes. Commenting on drafted videos by team members is optional, and can be removed prior to being published.

These videos are voted for exclusively by their team members, and shown in the team’s timeline in order of publishing date.

Only up votes, and down votes take place in the Drafts section (assuming likes, sharing and commenting are a part of the public timeline).

When the creator publishes the video it becomes a part of a community drafted category.


Like a graveyard thread?

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Lol, you make it so hard to not bookmark your topics :grin: :grin:


Good analogy, but for the explanation I tried using other like terms.

Think of Community Drafting as giving an essay to your classmates for proof reading. Instead of an essay its a video, and instead of proof reading its being reviewed.

Teams also have a “personal” draft area where users add their video for review by Teammates prior to publish (this may be where your graveyard thread idea came in).

The important thing to remember, in this concept, is there are 2 places the video goes when its published. The Team’s personal timeline separate from the draft area, and the “Community Drafted” category. Both see activity as users search between different categories, and view different Team profiles.

Lol @arf thank you for taking the time to read them.

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