Community Development / Open Source

Do you think there’s any possibility that v2 would ever consider opening up certain parts of the app (like the front-end) to the open source community?

Clearly the community atmosphere is really strong with v2 so far. I think letting people directly contribute to v2 would be a good way to reinforce the transparent, open community approach.

Of course, having the entire system of the app be open-source would be a really bad idea (in the name of security) but sharing just the front end of the app while keeping the back end proprietary would (if done right) actually end up developing a more secure system and with much more creative collaboration within the community. By my reasoning we would eventually end with a very polished app interface that users will be happy with, and the open-source community to assist, which means a lot more manpower.

A good, live example of what I mean is what the messaging app Telegram does. The client application is open-source, but all the server-side code is proprietary. By doing this, they’ve made Telegram into (as far as I know) the most secure messaging application, and with a really robust user interface that amazingly has all the features any advanced user could want but at the same time doesn’t get in the way of users who don’t care about those features.

If done right, I can’t think of any reason it would be anything but beneficial. Thoughts?


This is cool plus many hands make light work