Comments on Byte Need an Upgrade

one down point about this, i can imagine people saying whatever they can just to get the most likes/top comment/clout and it can become very toxic and off topic


The time and effort put into this post is great and I’m glad it’s getting attention! I’ve been secretly wanting these updates for a while


Oh, I didn’t know it was possible to gain clout from leaving a comment that people like. But you can always delete comments on your own videos if you feel someone is leaving a comment for that purpose. I’m not really concerned about that myself, though.

Liking comments is a feature on every social media platform, it’s a really useful engagement tool. A lot of people have been asking for the ability to like comments on Byte since the last beta, and Dom said that this feature was going to be added sometime after the app launch. I’m just hoping this can be done sooner rather than later because every time I use the comments function on Byte I find it frustrating.


Nah, auto-replies are annoying and too impersonal, IMO. They make sense for an email system which is used to communicate with others, but, doesn’t make sense to have auto-replies on video comments.


I agree the comment/post at the top a lot, very good ideas and feel like they should be looked into. I was also thinking something similar like when “Vine” was around you could inbox people/chat with people I would LOVE to be able to personally message people that like my vids and are currently following me so that was I can let them know I appreciate the support without commenting on their vids and just making almost looking like “a random comment to others” and I feel like it would be more heartfelt and personal​:pray:t5::heart::100:. Since I’m here I would like to say thank you to the whole community and it has been very supportive, I don’t know if anyone will see this but if you do the thanks is for you.


i mean like trolls…who reply/comment on famous people’s stuff with things that they know will get clout… it happens on twitter a lot😅

but yep i do agree that a like feature would be very useful!


I think DMs will eventually be added to app, but, TBH there’s a lot of other things the app needs first, such as comment likes and threaded replies. :slight_smile:


I fully support your ideas bro, and I have a comment section idea too :pleading_face: :point_right:t5: :point_left:t5: . I think there should be gifs in the comment section that way we can have reactions to posts and comments! And it’ll be even better if we could upload custom made gifs


Gifs would be so cooooooooool


This is actually a decent idea. I’d spend time reading through comments because they would be funny all in their own :laughing:


Bumping because OMG @dom please save us with a :heart: comment option. :pleading_face::sob: Also, if we can’t have threaded comments let us auto-complete users in responses. What I’ve been having to do is copy/paste everyone’s @ into notepad.

I go through phases and sometimes I am easily overwhelmed. I love interacting with everyone so much and I want to continue to encourage it but I can’t keep up, as much as I would like to. It ends up becoming an all or nothing situation where I just don’t respond at all because I’m trying not to make anyone feel left out.

I had to take the weekend off to play Animal Crossing. Yes, I am a bit dramatic and try-hard.


we’re working on comment features but gotta get the controversial stuff out and into testing first. being able to like comments isn’t too far off. threading will take a bit longer


Will there be pinning comments?




im on ios if this helps: if you click on the comment itself, an option pops up from the bottom that says “reply to @user” and then it autofills the @user. im not sure if thats standard or just my phone settings.


If also possible can we add the ability to post images or at least links in the comments??? I wanna be able to reply with memes… :pleading_face:

Also, I love the threaded comment system of Reddit more than twitter, because you somehow always get hilarious and constructive conversion on Reddit and it makes you WANT to see the comments.

One word my friend, “porn.”

The feature would be abused so badly by some people.

Though I could see having some default memes to pick from. Like a small approved gallery.


Also tagging people still has issues with me on android

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And doing that can only reply to one at a time. If you do it at the end for me it deletes all previous text and takes it to just the @ username

Yes I would expect a lot of abuse, this is the internet after all.

However, the comment systems of Reddit Twitter and YT all take care of this my algorithmically deleting, hiding, or censoring bad content. Plus bad content is just not upvoted/liked.

Howeverhowever, the payoff of comment memes/links is not great enough to justify creating an algorithm for it in the near future. So this could be an idea for the far future when Byte is a much larger platform with more resources and the ability to implement programs like this.

Howeverhoweverhowever, maybe there’s a python library out there that scans links and images for sensitive material???