Comments on Byte Need an Upgrade

There have been a lot of messages here about improving comments on the Byte app. I’ve posted quite a few myself. Comments are a big engagement tool for creators, it would be really nice if they got some love as they’ve been neglected for a long time. Here’s what would make them a lot better:

  1. Ability to like comments. This is really needed and, as a creator, would make acknowledging comments so much easier without having to clutter up your comments with replies like “thanks” 25 times.

  2. Ranked comments. Like on Twitter, the comments with the most likes rise to the top.

  3. Threaded replies. It would make comments so much easier to read if replies to other comments were indented and underneath the comment being replied to. And if there are many replies to a comment, just show the first 2-3 replies and then provide a way to tap to see more, the way it’s done on Instagram, for example.

  4. This has been a problem for a while, leftover from when the comment box only displayed two lines at a time: When editing a longer comment, the little notice box that appears above is covering up most of the comment, so you can’t edit anything underneath it. Here’s an example:

  5. Sometimes the last line of your comment gets cut off when you submit it. It’s not actually truncating the comment, though, because when you edit the comment you can see that the cut-off words are still there. So the last line of a comment is sometimes being hidden for some reason. This seems to happen when there’s only one or two words on the last line of a longer comment.

  6. Make the comments panel full-screen and sort comments with the newest one at the top instead of the bottom of the page. Or, once comment likes are possible, display higher ranked comments at the top. The way the newest comment is at the bottom of the list and you have to scroll up to read older comments is very strange and not very intuitive at all. Also, having to scroll up (or swipe down) makes it very easy to accidentally close the comments panel once you reach the top, which is really frustrating for videos with lots of comments.

I know comments aren’t as sexy as text overlays or Byte beats, but it is a fundamental tool and feature of the app, and it’s the only way we can interact with each other on the app. Please fix some of these longstanding bugs and improve the comments interface, thanks!


This would be so amazing. Maybe you could also get stars for likes on your comments.


I’m practically salivating over here at the thought of these upgrades. As someone who really tries to positively engage and comment on every byte I come across, my user experience would be so much breezier with these in effect.


Yes to this. Yes to ALL of this. I was about to make a post about the edit box.


I would love for edited comments to not post as a new comment. Sometimes I’ll edit a comment to fix a misspelled word and it will reappear underneath someone who replied to me.




Yes, I agree, it would be nice if it was a real edit feature, not just a re-post. And also, only allow editing the comment for 10 minutes after posted. Comments can’t be edited after the cut-off time OR if someone has already replied to the comment. This would help maintain the integrity of comments and replies.


These are all fantastic and needed upgrades, thanks for taking the time and putting together these ideas :tada:


Love these ideas! This may be an unpopular opinion on #1 though but…I kinda enjoy not having a ‘like comment’ feature…I know we’re so accustomed to it because of other platforms but I think it encourages more communication (and consequently, more bonding) because to acknowledge the comment you have to actually communicate.
Someone comments: “You should do a part 2”
[I could just like the comment, or respond with:]
“Good idea, totally agree, thanks! Working on it!”
Which one increases bonding?

(I know you can still leave that comment even if you ‘like’ what they wrote…but may be less likely if you feel your ‘like’ was you already responding)


YES YES AND YES! I love these ideas :laughing:


I can see where you’re going, but what about comments that you want to respond to but don’t exactly know how to? I’m sure all of us have experienced that before and for me, it feels a bit embarrassing to not respond to one person’s comment even though I’ve responded to everybody else’s.

In addition, liking a comment is actually a better form of engagement than doing nothing at all. For those who don’t typically respond to comments, liking people’s comments show that the creator actually does care about the feedback. Replying to comments goes the extra mile and makes the commenter feel even more valued. Either way, the commenter feels valued and knows that the creator cares about the feedback.

Also, I’m pretty sure most of us who reply back to comments won’t stop doing so even if comment liking is added, because we care about feedback. :blush:


I disagree. I dont think having to constantly reply that same “Thanks” 25 times over is really communicating or increasing bonding really. its mostly acknowledging that the creator appreciates the support, and likes are perfect for that


I’d definitely agree that liking a comment > not doing anything at all. Hadn’t thought of that circumstance :+1:t3:


I’d love to be able to click on the # of comments and it scroll all the way up to the first comment. I like to read the comments as a thread, to avoid any repeat questions etc. and just to have an idea of what is going on in general.

Right now, you have to scroll up, and if you scroll to far you have to start over.


Well how do you reply to 12 people who comment “:joy: :joy: :joy:”? That’s why a like would be a simple and easy way to acknowledge their comment without having to figure out something to reply back to such a brief, simple comment.

Also, it would allow others to interact with comments on your videos as well.


Very fair point! No idea haha. I guess I was thinking more of “fuller” comments that could easily get a comment-response but having that be replaced with a ‘like’ instead when the feature is developed. I agree the like feature would definitely be useful for “:joy::joy::joy:” comments lol.

Very true that others interacting with the comments is def a bonus too


Thoughts on auto-reply? :thinking: similar to email – certain suggestions appears etc


This is what’s needed. It’s basically complusory to add what this


Could be good and useful though, alternately, also could perhaps make the creator using it look impersonal if, say: they are inundated with a swarm of similar comments from viewers that then trigger the same auto-reply. So instead of liking comments or unique replies to people, your viewers are instead getting the same auto-generated, generic reply.


“Thank you for your series of emojis in response to this Byte post! Your feedback is much appreciated!”