Comments error

Does anyone ever get this message when commenting on Bytes?

I comment on a lot of Bytes. I want to increase engagement and encourage people to stay on the app and keep making videos. But if I post 15-20 comments within like 10 minutes I get this error message and it won’t let me post comments for like 3 more minutes. This has been a problem for me since I first downloaded Byte back in January.

It seems possible that it may be an actual coded feature of Byte, to prevent spam somehow, but if that’s the case then it’s doing way more harm than good.

This is a huge error that desperately needs to be fixed. I’m really trying to increase engagement and help this app grow, but when this happens it discourages me from even being on here.


I believe they coded that into byte to fix the overwhelming bot situation at launch.

I agree it’s a little annoying at this point.


I also think it makes sense

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Yep! I agree as well. If it was done to prevent bots then leave it be, I guess, but if it’s done to prevent spamming…idk…I’m like you- I try to engage, engage, engage. I particularly do it during my hour lunch break and then another hour at night. As a result, I get this pop up plenty because I’m in a straight hour session of engaging and being active.


yes, and I’m on android an i still face the issue!!

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IF it’s purposely coded into Byte, then it’s not an “unexpected error”, and the error message should be changed. Maybe to something like, “this account is being too active. This is a common sign of bots so we are restricting your engagement abilities for a short period of time. Please try again later.” Like don’t lie to us about it and pretend you’re not doing it.

The current message is very confusing. When I (and I’m sure many other people) see it, it makes the app look tacky and unfinished. When I first started seeing it I thought the app was going to crash on me if I commented too much.

And this is all IF It’s purposely coded in.

If it is a bug, and not meant to discourage bots, then please fix it. It’s stunting the growth of our app!