Comments and virality

I just came across a byte that was deligitimize indigenous peoples day which was pretty upsetting to me. I had to make the decision between not commenting so I don’t boost the engagement of the byte, and commenting to express my disagreement and explain why it’s important to let indigenous people be heard.

I would like for comments to not be factored into the algorithm because I would like to express disagreement without promoting the byte as a byproduct.

Please don’t discuss in this thread whether it’s worth my time to leave the comment because it’ll just fall on deaf ears and people don’t change or whatever. That is for me to decide. That’s not the point of this post.

Controversial content gets more comments, but that doesn’t mean it’s good content. Controversy shouldn’t be rewarded and promoted.

Seems like the Dislike button would come in handy in this situation.


I just see too much of the double edged sword with a dislike button. Some people might really like it but others might weaponize it. I’ve seen a dislike button work for other websites but I’ve also seen people on those websites ramp up controversial statements to intentionally get the downvotes… which just makes it worse in a lot of cases. But I can’t say for sure if that same thing would happen on a platform like this.


Yeah, I know what you mean. It really is hard to say. But in this instance of wanting to engage without adding to the engagement, idk what else you could do.

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The only other option is reporting. Reporting isn’t valid on this instance but people do it anyway to people they don’t agree with and it gets weaponised too. A dislike button could be a much softer form of negative expression in comparison

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However it would be nice if comments didn’t automatically improve a byte in the algorithm in the first place

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