Commenting Frustrations

I’m finding it a little frustrating with the commenting system now because of the rate limit. I completely understand why this is necessary. But is there any way to ignore that if you’re commenting on your own videos? I try to respond to nearly everyone who leaves a comment but I have to wait for a bit between each one or I get a system error.

What would really help, though, is the ability to like comments, because most of the time I’m just commenting a heart or smile emoji back when someone leave’s a brief comment like “so funny.” If I could simply like those comments, that would be even better and probably avoid hitting the rate limit too often.

I know the Byte team is working on comment likes, I hope they can happen soon. Engaging with the people who leave nice comments is important for creators, but it also keeps people coming back to the app to see what was said. :thinking:


I agree it’s a pretty important part of engagement


Literally came here to say this. I’d love to be able to reply to all.comments on my own Bytes without the sulky time out.


I agree. I really like responding to all my comments but it’s difficult to do it efficiently :confused:


Also took this up earlier, I definitely support this.


Another frustrating thing I keep encountering is that comments within the allowed length are still being cut off sometimes. A comment I posted today cut off the last line “gift for comedy :hearts:”, and ended with “beta, you truly have a”

When I edited the comment to add the missing words back, those words were still there in the edit box:

So the problem seems to be that the app doesn’t always display the full comment. Maybe it’s the emoji at the end that’s causing this to happen?

Also, when you edit a longer comment, the message box “You are currently editing and reposting…” appears and covers up most of the comment and makes it impossible to scroll up to edit anything under that message box.

This has been a problem for a while now, I hope it can be fixed soon. Thanks!