Comment editing

So is it just me or is editing a comment just writing a comment? Are you supposed to be able to actually edit a comment? Maybe it’s an android thing but it seems pointless to have an edit comment option when all you’re doing is writing a fresh comment. It’d be nice if when I want to I can just correct that one little typo rather than write the whole thing out again :man_shrugging:

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It’s made this way on purpose. I assume that making actual edits rather than the delete/repost mechanism would have taken a bit more work

I don’t buy that, you can delete comments. If so then its not editing really is it? And it’s like they’ve taken up space with a pointless code, why do that?

i feel like editing it would be harder to make than just erasing it, and reposting

Probably, so why waste code on a useless editing option when effectively you are just deleting it and re-writing a comment?

It’s also gone through changes, you used to be able to edit it. Then it was just messed up and now this variation. So there was or is the intention of making a proper comment editor.

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but like i think editing a comment like actually editing a comment is harder to apply everywhere and in more places than just erasing it 🥸

Yes. We’re on the same page there. Now what I’m saying is that the edit comment button (which is useless) is wasted code in the app. Let me edit a comment or remove it and make room for other code. It’s either unfinished or abandoned and forgotten about lol either way it does nothing and I find it difficult to believe that’s the intended purpose like @CubeOfCheese is suggesting. That makes no sense to me.

Well it’s better than nothing for the time being. Otherwise I’d have to copy the comment, delete it, paste it, then edit it. What’s the right now stresmlines the prices a little bit. Yes they should make proper editing of comments, but it’s good enough for now

Maybe it’s slightly different on iPhone but it’s no different to deleting a comment for me.

looks like an android bug, it’ll be fixed shortly!


Cool, in the meantime I’ll proof read my comments haha.

Side note, I left a comment on your byte with the pikachus if you’re able to respond that’d be appreciated. Just curious about something.