Comedy preference?

So I like do goofy stuff on Byte, but it’s often what I find funny and just hope others will also laugh.

What makes YOU all laugh? I’d love to give you content that’ll make ya chuckle!


I love @KaylaGarner’s awkward pauses


see now idk it’s mostly random content that people my age make :running_man:

The kind of video you make doesn’t matter if you don’t make it good.

If you like a certain style and you feel better at a certain style, do that. If you want to try other styles, do that, but don’t do it to get different kinds of followers. Do it as a way to expand your understanding of a different type of humor so that you can use those skills make your jokes better all around in the future.

Personally I have a type of style I use, and I am constantly trying new styles, and learning and bringing things from my experimental videos back into my main style because there are good techniques I’m not using.


tom dilion