Come back on the app

I don’t know why but when I’m using byte, in grown up on the app. And after for exemple I didn’t post any byte because I’m sick but however I’m no more like popular.
I don’t know if you all understand me but what I’m tryna say it’s when i’m not posting a single byte i can be forgotten by the app.
Now all I can do is create many other byte, more than before my disease.
Am I the one or is there any other person like me?
And what you do when you can’t use the app? Do you post your old byte (this is what I am thinking is good for not being “forgotten” ) ?
Thanks of you answer me :+1:t5::grin:


I’d say that even if you can’t post videos, if you want to stay active, you can interact on Byte. So like and comment on posts that you like and keep those connections going.


Or better yet, support some smaller creators you like and build connections with them via like and follower wise, who knows maybe they could ask you to collaborate with them and that would help you grow on byte


along with the advice above, remember that there is also no rush to upload. everyone moves at their own pace. dont feel pressured to upload if you dont have the time for it. and when you get the chance to upload and use the app, following the advice above will help out a lot


No I uploaded it since January but was making like 1 byte on 1 week until last month which I made like 10 in a day.