Combating boredom

What do you guys do to combat your boredom ?


Spend all my time in the discord tbh


Focus on something for the long term, instead of the next 24 hours. Find something which gives you purpose long term


Watch YouTube mostly, play RuneScape, read the forums


Boredom does not exist. Perhaps you are feeling lazy, or feeling flat, or just unsure what to focus on, or how. Boredom is a placeholder word for lots of things. But in this world, there’s so much to do, so much to see.

Are you interested in, say, photography? Are you a beginner, or going to be? Great! You have a phone, use it. It costs you nothing and lets you be creative. You don’t need anyone’s permission or instruction - you just do it.

Or, maybe you want to draw but you can’t. That’s slightly trickier, as drawing isn’t as mechanical as photography, and so you probably will benefit somehow from human instruction. But you can start by yourself.

Perhaps you want to discover ways to make extra money. There are 1,001 ways to do that, but only a few will interest you. Well, that’s what the Internet is for - have a look.

You could also volunteer at a local charity or something, even just once a week.

Want to play an instrument? Etc… And that is just the tip of the iceberg!

You may not succeed at any of what I mentioned, and in fact you might not even be interested. But there is an abundance of activities out there. You might find one that you never thought of. And, the act of searching for things to do is itself an activity. :slight_smile:

If you find something, let us know in this thread.

Doodle. All I do in class is doodle lol I get bored and can’t stay still so my notes are filled with doodles and maybe song lyrics of a song stuck in my head in calligraphy



Idleness can take you places

Watch YouTubers or sports

Watch YouTube, tv go out or do assignments all which result in my being bored strength after I’ve done them

Watch YouTube, and check my social media

I stay bored.


Same here

Okay very simple instructions here let me tell ya

Be a Level 47 MagiWizard (Magic Wizard) learn power of Spit Fire, Level 7, to dodge boredoms attacks, roll left, NEVER RIGHT, but left IMMEDIATELY, then you spit fire, takes him a bit to reload, he will at half health do this spin attack, you have to crouch the first time, then jump the second time, youll have about an 8 minute frame to spit fire at him. When youre about to kill him, pull out your weakest weapon and kill him, youll get more exp for battling boredom this way.

Trust me, im a level 105 GenieWarrior, my gamecode is DeatxhSlayexr47, add me

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I write when im bored, as you can see from what i just wrote down.

Im very bored right now but hey, its fun.

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i put on my combat boots and do something interesting

I google, I am sooo bored to find games and it comes up with… “Are you contemplating about committing…You know what. Contact this number” No Google!