Colour Grading your footage. ☀

Can their be a advanced way to colour grade your footage? @dom

I think there will be simple filters but advanced would probably need to be done on a different program then uploaded

do you mean just like an Instagram type filter or full on colour grading? Cause you’d probably have to colour grade the video on your laptop/computer and do it in photoshop then transfer the video back to your phone to put on the app… don’t see there being a feature like that on the app

Yes, I do mean something like instagram when uploading a picture. But when uploading a video to instagram, you can barely do a thing. You only have the option to apply a filter. But you can’t change the exposure etc.

So that would be cool, if their will be a option to adjust your footage just a bit more, maybe exposure, contrast & highlights.

Their is allot of a difference between editing a picture on instagram than when editing a video.

Same with VSCO, you can only edit a image. So for people who don’t have advanced editing software on their laptop, it would be very helpful to be able to edit your footage just a bit more to let the colours pop on the app itself.

You can edit pics off of v2 then put them on. There are plenty of cheap editing software out there

I would assume that there would be filters on the app but nothing too crazy. I feel like people would need to edit on computers for really cool edits or color grading

Pictures yes, but video no.

Yes, I know. Nothing to crazy but I hope that you can at least tweak a few things.

Ohh. Yeah. For sure. Id like some simple editing stuff for vids as well

I’d assume for advanced stuff like color grading and such you’ll need a computer and some editing software, but who knows.:grinning: