V2 is already unique as it is. I hope that there is a feature that allow people to feel comfortable and welcome to receive the same quality of the app that others do. Colorblindness should be a feature that is added to make the experience rewarding for all.

ps I’m not colorblind but have many friends that are and they share with me about the struggles and tasks that come with it.


I am not color blind, so I am wondering what Colorblindness would do. Like, how does it work on a phone? Curious :slight_smile:

I think that, while a colorblind version (if this means that the entire app is in black & white? i’m not really sure what the entire idea is) of v2 would be interesting, I also don’t think it would cater to the majority of people. Having an entire app be in black & white, while it would work for a certain niche of people, wouldn’t serve the entire userbase of the app in the same way, if that makes sense. I think maybe a better option would be a colorblind mode, where there could be different choices as to how the app is displayed. For instance, if someone were blue-green colorblind, and couldn’t distinguish between those certain shades, there could be an option to have some sort of colored overlay on the screen that would change the colors of the screen into a shade that they can see.

DISCLAIMER: I am not color-blind, and I don’t know a lot about colorblindness, this is just my two cents.

Actually SAME.

The only question I have is that if there even is a reason to solve this it would only be used on the app appearance but not on the videos.

Some phones have features that help with this

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I think that Dom can make feel a confortable to the people in the new app, colorblind or not

never thought about a feature like that. Deftinely like that though