College: the truth

I’m not anti college but the career you pick not your degree will determine your carrer path. Also, don’t be surprised if you’re unemployed after graduation, even if you’re STEM major. (dosen’t mean you won’t eventually get a good paying job)

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Im actually second guessing on going to college … but everyone around paints “not going to college” as a major fail

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To be honest I don’t want to go to college. I wanna try first my chances the next three years of my life and see what happens. I believe that college can be necessary for some careers and life paths but maybe for some other stuff it’s not that neccesary , I’ll just do whatever I see convenient and see what happens.


Although I think it’s not bad to not go to college, I do think about something my mom usually tells me: even if you want a job like artist, social media personality, or starting your own business venture, which don’t require you to go to college, you should still go just in case those things don’t work. My mom supports whatever I want to do, and isn’t one of this parents who only want me to be a lawyer or musician or whatever other carrier like that, but she does tell me to go to college anyway.

If you can get a good scholarship and pay back student loans in a few years, than why not go to college for 4 years, just so that if your job doesn’t work out, you can get hired somewhere where you can make good enough money to support yourself for a few years and you can try again.

Just my thoughts though…


I’ve been in college for a first semester in first year (I have to drop out because of family reasons). I liked it. It was fun and challenging for me, but things doesn’t really do much. It still teach you less about real life situations and responsibilities. It stresses and pressure you out for nothing, not for something that can actually benefit you. And when I had a job, I realized that what most of my friends say, that you can learn more when you are exposed to the world outside school more than when your stuck in school for most of your life. For now I love working so much but I also miss schooling a bit

After all, maybe it’s all in a matter of perspective.


trade schools are the way to go.


I’m in my second year and i really enjoy it. I know its not for everyone but I love learning and I always make sure that I take courses that I’m interested in


It just depends on the career path you want to choose. If you don’t mind me asking, what career path do you want to take? Might be able to help if you’re honest about it. I won’t judge no matter how silly it sounds even if you want to become a clown as a career path😂

You have the right attitude. Now put in the work😃

I understand where you’re coming from with this. However one should have a career path after you graduate. What you do after is more important. I know 3 people with degrees and they’re all working jobs I could get and I don’t even have one.

Couldn’t be truer words. I would definitely take this time to learn more about the skills you need for your career path by looking up job listings in your field and looking at the qualifications section in their job posting to see what skills they’re looking for. Depending on the career you’re looking for you might be able to teach yourself the skills you need to get the career path you want.

I’ll second that. Know one buddy that dropped out of college to go down that route. Lives on his own now

Good to know. As long as you have a career path afterwards you’ll be good. Knew one person after graduating who ended up selling furniture, and a chemcial engineering major who was unemployed after graduation. They’re doing alright now, but not doing internships and not working at all in college is something employers don’t really like from experience.

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I’m leaning more towards creative writing but i also want to do photography


If you have any posts you wrote online or photos you posted, give me some links so I can check them out. Which one comes easiest to you: writing or photography?

tbh idk if ill do six form or college

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completely agree. its frustrating when so many people will look down on some kids because they choose to take a gap year or not go at all in order to just figure out what they wanna do with their lives because many of us don’t even know what we want to be at 18 as we get older we figure out so many new things about ourselves and what we like.

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From the USA so I’m guessing six form is trade school or military?

Very true, but people speak only on what they’ve experienced and think there’s only ONE way of becoming successful

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College but at the same school

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