College freshman advice 🧠

Imma be a college freshman in a couple of weeks and just want some random pieces of advice :slight_smile:


First of all, grats!!!

Advice I wish my Freshman self knew: Do exactly one extracurricular for the first semester. It’ll let you get a sense of the workload, but also give you a way to “escape” school for a bit.


aye, congratulations :tada::small_red_triangle:

a. read all your class syllabi and don’t waste money on textbooks (figure out if you’ll USE it, I’d recommend using used book or rental.)
b. have fun, college is all about networking!


Here’s the number 1 piece of advice. Hands down. No BS.

Learn what ‘sunk costs’ are. An intro to Econ class or a google search should be enough. Best of luck everyone👏


Do not waste this time. college is really expensive and not everyone gets to go.
Also if you feel the college is not helping you to meet your goals don’t stay.

Congratulations :tada:


Read the syllabus!
Cite your sources!
Take notes!
Visit office hours!
Your TA is trying to help you!
Read the syllabus!
Read the material before class!
Read the syllabus!


I am a helpless bean that learns things at her own pace and discovers her own ways to learn thigs so I recommend being friendly and making contacts/friends A LOT XD

It will make things a little bit less harder because you can guys learn different ways to learn, get some help if you have trouble underrstanding and also get a feedback!!! :heart_decoration::sparkles: That plus having friends to do fun shit with helped me cope with stress c:


this is from last year but the advice people gave there was really good :slightly_smiling_face:


Something tells me you guys really want me to read the syllabus :eyes:


Never put work off. Ever. No matter how small the assignment. College moves very fast and you’re gonna have a blast. However in order to have a good time school has gotta come first.

Good luck man :call_me_hand:t2:

Oh wait. Read the syllabus. Memorize it. WORSHIP IT.


Take it serious but enjoy the experience with friends. Some of the best and smartest people I’ve ever met were in college. I slacked off my first year, which I regret, but I don’t regret the things I got to do with friends that I’ll never get to do again.


You can thank me later :wink:

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I heard popularity was a scam created by popsicle companies to sell more popsicles


massive congrats! here are some things I wish I did/knew when I started:

-try find a healthy, social and hardworking circle so you learn whilst having fun

-network, join societies and clubs

-try and complete your assignments a healthy portion before the deadline

-do not think popularity is be all and end all, it means fuck all

-have fun! know when to have breaks and treat yourself to party, hang out or simply do nothing

-oh also if you wanna increase your chances of really kicking college’s ass rather than it kick yours, make sure you read ahead of class and read around topics! this saved my academic career in my final year and I managed to go from a predicted mid 2nd Class Honours to graduating with a First Class Honours:)


the number one thing you need to know is TIME MANAGEMENT. i’m not sure about your experience, but high school barely prepared me for just how much work i’d have to do in college. it’s not even exceptionally harder in the first year, there’s just more to do per week.

also, there is going to be a ton of reading, but the reality is you aren’t expected to read it all. they’re not going to explicitly say that, but in some cases it is nearly impossible to complete all of the readings every single week. if you have a part time job or are taking on some extracurriculars, just be patient with yourself and keep trying your best!


First off congrats!
I finished my first semester of college back in May, and here are my tips:

  • If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Most professors really do want to help you, and being the introvert I am I had to break out of my shell to ask questions only to find that my professors were very knowledgeable in their subject and were very willing to help me.

  • Balance out your courses well. I took 17 credits my first semester. Was it difficult? Absolutely. But fortunately for the next semester I only have to take 13 credits, and I have the rest of my courses planned out so that I’ll finish my associate’s in exactly 2 years. So if you need to make a plan for which courses you want to take during which semester, do it. It’ll be really helpful in the long run.

  • Always check around for the BEST price for your textbook. I initially bought one of my textbooks for over $100 in print only to later refund it and get a digital copy for only $15. :flushed: Don’t waste your money on overpriced textbooks; if you can find them cheaper digitally or used, get them that way instead of brand new.

  • I don’t know how relevant this advice will be due to our current global situation, but if you register for in-person classes, make sure to give yourself enough time to get from one class to another. Find the campus maps and trace your route from one classroom to another. I had 15 minutes to walk a little over a quarter of a mile from one classroom to another, which consisted of going down two flights of stairs then going up three more. It was good exercise, but I was still winded by the end of it. So if and/or when you plan to attend on campus, make sure to plot out your route so that not only do you not get lost, but you also know if you have enough time to get from one class to another.

Hope you have a great first semester! :grin:


what are you majoring in?

Right now it’s cyber security

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good. If you had say basket weaving or libreral arts then…

Enjoy yourself! Study, work hard! Party even harder!! Have lots of sex but not with the teachers that can get messy & use protection :blush:

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