from what i understand, collaboration is really good tool to make friends and find people within the community that we really resonate with, as well as mutually grow an artist/creator’s viewer base.

i wanted to open up this thread for whoever wanted to find people with similar interests/content within their general area, honestly so we all can bounce around ideas, get to know each other and find ways to establish friendships with other people within the V2 community.

finding other people you click with can help keep you motivated to continue producing/creating at a steady rate as i have found, not that i know anything i just thought this may be helpful for other social butterflies who like to make friends, like me!

Hey! Here is a similar thread that could be useful!Are you for or against collabs? Let’s talk!

thank you!!! i appreciate it. i wanted to open this up also for people who are interested in collaborating and brainstorming content together! i’ll check that thread out!!!

yoo supp i love to make new friends and love to collab

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what’s good! where are you from/what kind of content do you make?

yo i am from nepal and i will make comedy contents i guess what about you?

Hey guys I’m looking for some Friends in this awesome Community