Collaborations by location?

Comment your location to find other v2 artists to collab with I’m from Massachusetts. Message me on Instagram to collab @seankitain


Who wants to collab with the 6ix god? Dm me on Twitter @tylerdonwinrow


Belgium!! Dm on insta to collab @QuintenDockx :blush: It would be awesome if the collab from a distance (click for info) was part of V2, this way we would be able to collab with people from all around the world :scream:

CANADA :canada:


Promote Yourself?

504 any one? (New Orleans)

Yeah I’ll change it to that. :ok_hand:t3:

Brooklyn New York artists that are tryna collab hit up the PM or get at me on insta @Shoyboy

im from Detroit and i have a group chat you guys can join add me on instagram @domdoola

Argentina? I think that i am the only one