Collaboration with Forum Friends!

Hi there!! So whenever V2 finally comes out, its going to be like the start of a marathon. Huge crowd of people in a lump all trying to get enough room to be able to run properly.

It’ll be a tough uphill climb at first most likely, as is the case with creating a following on other social media. HOWEVER, as a member of this forum we have some HUGE untapped potential waiting here for us. We’ve had the advantage of networking and meeting other members of the app.

A very useful strategy is collaboration. People love it because they get to learn about new people, they love seeing crossovers with two people they’re familiar with, etc. the viewer loves it. It’s benificial for both parties because it allows an entire group of people who are already dedicated to following someone to see your content. That’s huge.

Just think of the amount of collaboration we could do here. We have so many aspiring artists for V2 and odds are good that a solid handful of us will amass a larger following than the rest of us.

By spreading the love and collaborating, we can help each other get over that initial hump and start building our audience!

Please strongly consider collaboration as a part of your growth strategy. You don’t need to go at it alone, you have lots of awesome people here who would love to team up for a vid or two!!

I have faith in you all. V2 grows near. Godspeed.


Love it I’m all for the collaboration… tho we gotta have similar comedic taste hehe. Check my Instagram vids out and hmu for V2


Im all for it if people can help come up with ideas for videos


I’m excited to do some collaborations, it will be so much fun :smile:


I was wondering that if someone wanted to collab with an artist of different country, how will they do it?


Good question!! I think there could be many ways, either by having a simple dialogue exchange or something simple like that! Of course it could vary, but by doing some video editing there are endless possibilities!!


totally feel you on this untapped potential. also agree with @Reallyahmed that the most successful collaborations would come from similar comedic taste/interest/video style/etc., would be cool once people figure out what kind of content they want to make to start some sort of collab groupchats or something, and also collab groups by geographic location!


I think I’d collab later, not at the beginning. it’s still kinda weird at the beginning…


I agree in what you are saying but it will be complicate to make collaborations with people that dont live in the same country


Great ideas


Or maybe the person could just record their part here and then send it to the other person via e-mail or something? They can make the script according to the situation (living in different countries).


This is such a good idea!! We can get a head start here before everyone just barely hearing about it from Buzzfeed or something


thats what i did when collabing with others on instagram.


@Apoorwahh Here is my topic on doing collabs from a distance from a couple months ago :blush:
(click text to go to the topic :ok_hand:)

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I would love to collab with some of you guys btw!! :hugs:


I would absolutely love to collab with anyone and everyone!!


I’m down

Thank you!! :blush:

Collabing for the most part I think it’s to be expected, but thing is whether or not the people collabing had become friends you know? It’s weird to just collab for the sake of collabing. As far as I know, og viners did collabs with people they’ve been messaging with for a while. I think collabs will come naturally when we know the type of content we make.

We will only know how good we are for each other by seeing our content, and that’ll only happen once we are actually using the app :sweat_smile:


I’d also love to collab at some point with other creators, but it’s true that it might prove difficult for creators from different countries. I bet most of the people who become big are from the US, as always :woman_shrugging:t3: I’m excited regardless!