Collaboration Suggestions

•If Byte Does Add DMs There Should Be Some Sort of Verification So Creepy People Wouldn’t Be Able to Contact People And Bother Them And Stuff

•Duets (or whatever byte chooses to call this feature) shouldn’t be like Tik Tok Ones Maybe It Could Be Split Screen Horizontally instead of vertically so people can’t just keep on dueting them (because it was kinda annoying)

•Or Maybe Dueting Could Be Like How People On Tik Tok Like To Use The Green Screen Feature On A Photo So People Can Stand in Front Of Posts

•Maybe A Collaboration Channel

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I’d imagine you’d be able to choose who can dm you via approving messages like twitter.
All good ideas! ty for contributing among the ‘chaos


if we are gonna allow DMs, you could also be able to separate with your friends, fans that you approve, and “fans” that you haven’t approved yet. I don’t mind how this is being done, but I’d like to see some DMing possible! maybe an age limit too if necessary like TikTok did, but that’s up to Dom.

for “Duetting” TikTok already has Horizontal Splitting Duets, so it wouldn’t really matter which way they make the default, but I’d like to see what they could do with that! maybe even allow people to stitch on other videos if they are short enough!

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yeah Stitching would be a great idea👍

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