Collabing question

A big part of the original v*ne was that those that were more popular collabed and created their videos with eachother Their accounts. Most people lived out in LA though. I live close to Chicago. How am I supposed to branch out and work with others when I’m not close to the hub. It’s not like I can pick up my entire life and move.

You know you can collab without physically being with someone, right? That might be your best option if collabing is something you want to do.

How am I supposed to collaborate living in Argentina? hahaha You do not need to be with the other person to make a collaboration

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When people from different sides of the world want to collab but dont want to go there, they usually have to send their recorded clips to the other person. The problem with that is that you can’t really have much physical interaction, and its easy to tell you arent in the same place


Yeah I see that happen on Instagram with people who make edits, they aren’t physically there & I myself have done a collab once or twice, & I have sent my clips to the other person

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You don’t have to be in the same city. You can always edit and cut your videos in a way that seems your in the same place. A lot of people did this. For example: Thomas Sanders and Caleb Natale. They’ve never really done videos in the same place but always featured each other.

Usually people make it work, I’m in the UK it would be nice to collab with someone in the USA without going over there.


I’m your gal.

Yayyy :smile:

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When the app actually drops and your greased up and ready, let me know, dude! :smiley: