Collabing for a promo video

I literally was planning on doing this lol

Yooooo wtf we should actually do that. I think someone should go ahead and prepare to orchestrate this and any good editors who’d like to join in the project should take part in it.

love the idea! however itd have more of an effect if maybe past succesfull viners were to do that?

or if you want to give out a “everyone could be the next big byter” vibe then yea what were doing would make sense

I dunno why, but this gives me a bit of a Rewind vibe with all the creators collabing and whatnot. Byte Prewind? Byte Fastfoward? I dunno.

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PLEASE message me if this ever happens

This idea is great!

This something already being put together by me lol


If this ever becomes a reality count me in :grin:

already? lol