Collabing for a promo video

This may be a terrible idea BUT I was thinking we could all record a small clip of ourselves saying something like “:vine: is back” or “byte is here” merge them together into like a 10-30 second promo clip and post it on twitter, instagram, YouTube when the app releases in Spring 2019 and maybe @dom could post it on the @byte_app twitter & instagram. Let me know what you think!


id take part in that

wow that’s great! thanks :grinning:

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Bump lolll

Great idea :+1:
Terbaik :+1:

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That sounds fun

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Ok im making a thread with a similar idea and more detail ;))


credit me lol

In! Fricking in!

Here ya go Not necessarily a commercial but a promotion


someone (i can’t find the post) was planning this a couple months back. it sounds like fun, i’d be down for it, even as an unofficial project.


A similar idea from @justinnovoa


Thats a real good idea, can you please DM me if this happens

Yooo im so down for this!

Great idea :bulb: I agree

Depends on whether Dom would accept it as an official project. If not, we can always make it unofficial :smile:


sound like a great idea

I’d definitely be interested!

:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: Interesting.