Collab Groups

The news yesterday about teams are making me so hyped right now. Imagine all of those editors collab groups



This is something very creative that could change the game, the hype just went to another level. :heart_eyes:


It will be awesome

Can I join? My edits are probably sucky but I’m willing to take tips & collab regardless

That’s awesome I want to join

new vines are going to be super entertaining and on a whole new levels because all skills come together to makee a great content can’t wait to collab it going to be dope

I was thinking the same thing! Might be a very cool possibility i started a telegram groupchat so we can form a community and discuss ideas and collaborate. you join if your interested.

I’m excited to see how this turns out!!

I’m starting a team called team global we’re I need people from all over the world all I need your your twitter or Instagram @ and I’ll add you to a chat

@DanniYT IG:lil.slip

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I’ll add you :grin: promote the team :purple_heart:

@domdoola on instagram

ig : isthatvas

IG: @BaraaKhatib

Twitter: its_Baraa

@tyrellangusss on IG

Especially considering it’ll encourage local collaborations too! Eventually. we’ll be having v2 turf wars haha.

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I feel like collab groups are going to be very big in V2

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@waggy2709 on both Instagram and Twitter

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