Clouds - sunday (music/songwriter)

hey whats up byte? i’m a singer songwriter and go by the name “sunday”. if you have a moment - i released my first single and video a few months back. the link is below. would love any form of feedback! :slight_smile:


:blossom: What an amazing song, you’re very talented!! Keep going. :pancakes::yellow_heart:

Omg I like this so muchh :heart::heart: Dont stop making music ever!!

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it’s beautiful! i really like your tone.


Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

thank you :blush:

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Omg I’m so glad I clicked. I loved it. You’re a step (many steps actually) above these soundcloud rappers trying to make it big. What you’re doing is different and I appreciate that a ton.
Also, respect for eating dirt in the music video. That’s commitment :joy:


oh my god you TALENTED. I see you fam.

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Haha thank you. I see you too :slight_smile::v:t3:

Haha I ate the dirt for art :heart: Appreciate it.

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NIce voice. Really like the song too! Keep it rolling Bro

The song is really nice, its nice and chill.

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appreciate it! thanks for checking out!

:pray: thank you

Nice editing on the video. I like the song too :+1:t2: You could hit it big someday. How long did it take you to film and edit it?

I am also a musician but I think you are better. I just got lucky to get on the SoundCloud charts.

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Nice Song dont ever give up on this you have a chance at success

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I’d love to help out with an visuals or beats! That’s awesome man. I appreciate that. I wrote the song in a week. But I went through several demos till I found the right feel. And the video takes place in Maine. So two buddies and myself took 4 days traveling and filming and put the video together in a week as well!

Thank you :grin:

I honestly see you going places, you’re really talented :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks burd! :baby_chick: Have a great New Years!