{CLOSED} V2 Name Suggestion - Similar with Manipulation

It’s a great idea and it looks like you put some time into the design. I love it!


TBH, this is really good! :slight_smile: but it’s all up to @dom


Yeah true I can see that but with the features ultimately being the same, the colour schemes, the idea and policies as well, the name might as well just fit it. My only concern is how a completely new name would react with the possible audience. If people find a completely new name has been placed with the app even after the placeholder V2 was given, it would probably not attract anybody to the app at all but yeah, I get you.

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In terms of lawsuits and everything, neither am I but the name is just to make sure the audience is familiar with the app rather than foreign to it.

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Thank you!

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Thank you :smile:

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Nice idea but I doubt they’d change the name unfortunately


if an app following the same concept as instagram came out but called themselves “ynstagram”, instagram could sue them on the grounds that they are purposefully misleading people, you know?

if a cooking app came out called “ynstagram”, while the names only sound the same, they are not taking away from instagram or competing with instagram, if that makes sense

as far as a completely different name, i think whatever the staff names it will be fine, truthfully! i thought of the name GENER8 a while ago


but overall, people want the 6 second videos back so they could literally name the app Apple Sauce and people would gravitate to it because of what it has to offer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I guess so but wouldn’t the situation be slightly different seeing as Dom and the others had created Vne? Although they sold the app, the app hasn’t been active and therefore doesn’t really exist except for Archive online. It isn’t really misleading because Dom has already released the idea to the public under V2 which essentially to everyone who isn’t on the forum, knows it as Vne 2. It’s just figuring out what the V would be. I just think it would be weird if The placeholder was V2 but the name ended up being Bimeo or something but yeah, whatever the staff gravitates towards should be fine as long as the public accepts it.

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Possibly but it’s really just about a name that the public would accept. If it was left as just V2, people would assume that it is associated with Vne and which so many people already referring to it as Vne 2, it would cause a lot of problems :confused: They’d have to think deeply about it.


It is slightly different, yes twitter owns it along with “Vine Camera” which is still available. It does still exist just not in the original capacity.

the V could easily stand for “version”, “version 2”

i still think the public would gravitate to whatever it is named so long as they know it is the long awaited follow up!

that one new app i won’t mention (unfortunately) has people gravitating towards it with an interesting name because it offers what people loved from vine!


not a bad name and i too agree…with the fear of straying too far that the app would lose its integrity?


It could stand for Version 2 but people will and have been referring it as Vne 2 even though that has not been said. People don’t like change. Although many of the features are different it would seem too confusing with a completely different name. We would have people referring to it as the given name, the placeholder or as Vne 2.

Keeping it as V2 pros:

  • We don’t have to worry about the naming, it can simply be version 2


  • We won’t be able to control what people make the V stand for. People will end up referring to it as Vne 2 or keep associating it to Vne

  • Leads to confusion

Giving it an unassociated name Pros:

  • Keeps the app unassociated from Twitter

  • Keeps staff out of law trouble


  • Becomes foreign to the audience

  • Leads to confusion because features are the same and doesn’t link to the placeholder V2

  • Whether Dom likes it or not, people will associate themselves as a person of the new name e.g. Instagram = Instagrammers, Vibe = Vibers, Snapchat = Snappers/Snapchatters, Youtube = Youtubers

  • Loses a chance in building a community and audience because people aren’t familiar or do not like the name

Giving the app a name similar to the original but different: Pros

  • Is more familiar with the audience once the situation is explained (I don’t think a lot of people actually understand the “Death of V*ne”

  • Allows users to still associate themselves with the app whether that may be creator/artist/ the name-ers as well as keeping features familiar


  • Could result in a flag up in copyright or some form of “copying”

  • Lawsuit if not handled properly

There are pros and cons for each situation but I feel as though whichever option drives away the audience, even more, is what would be a bigger downfall than 1 or two legal issues which can be solved quickly. If people aren’t attracted to the app at all, it would be pointless. But who knows :woman_shrugging:t4:

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That’s my only concern, what if it becomes too original and different from the original idea, would it lead to a lack of attracted audience and therefore end the app before it has even started? But what happens if it’s all too familiar and improved that Twitter decides that they don’t like the popularity it gains and therefore want to shut it down? :confused:


of course, there are pros and cons with every option but i disagree that a name not associated with vine will drive away an audience.

i don’t think anyone is explicitly here for “vine”, everyone is here for the hilarious and creative 6.5 second videos that an app named vine had along with the loyal community it had, no? the community was cultivated through the content and what it had to offer not through the name!

it would be so unfortunate for the staff to work so hard on creating this follow up app only for to have to dish out $$$$ for a lawsuit and then have to change the name anyway.

and words travels around fast nowadays! all it will take is a few popular ex-viners to tweet the new name of the follow up which will get it trending once people realize this is the name of the follow up. if everyone’s past favorite viner shares a clip on twitter saying “it’s finally here, Seconds, formerly known as V2,has launched! download it in the app or play store and check my new videos or post your own 6 second videos”, everyone is going to run to it!

the audience is already at the doors, camped out waiting for the doors to open, not because of the sign outside but because of what’s inside. i really don’t think anyone is going to stop themselves for enjoying the content everyone knows is already enjoyable because the name has nothing to do with vine

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In theory yes, but there has always been, especially with the younger audience, the thought of an app which was announced as a follow up, was announced that its features and concepts would ultimately be the same, was announced with a placeholder V2 which essentially, everyone has been referring to as V2 but then when it’s released, it ends up being completely different. The name is the first thing that everybody will see. There will be confusion and a lot of changes with how the community refer to the features, the changes, the similarities…

But people are explicitly there for Vine. Vine is what we collectively refer to as the app with hilarious 6-second content that the community cultivated. That is in the end what it was called.The vibe comes from the name. And to your point at the end, yes that is true in the long run but the name is what will be used to advertise the app as well as bring in the first set of people to the app. If the name is dull, so will the attitude towards it. If the name is gener ic and/or basic or just too much of a change it will, in the end, bring down the value of the app unless people do (which many don’t) bother to actually look at the app. Take Oevo, the app is basically Vine, even Vincent Marcus is using it. Of course there are a few different features but nobody is really using it, why? Of course, because everybody knows it isn’t the official V2 but also people don’t like the name, some of the concepts like winning money by promotion and just the overal l look of the app. People can’t be bothered to see what it is like.

People don’t like change and won’t accurately judge something unless everyone is on it.

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We as Artists/Creators should take the initiative to remind those that weren’t familiar with the forums the new service name. All of the terms are here already we just need to apply them.


Yeah that is the public. Not everyone on twitter or instagram etc knows or cares about the forums and won’t until the actual app is released which is unfortunate

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hmm, i think people are smarter nowadays when it comes to technology! just because the name is different, does not mean it’s going to be this huge complicated mess. and there won’t be any confusion because the staff will have already named what the features are called.

it could be “billy joe bob’s 6 second farm”, where the staff decided liking a video is referred to as a “favorite”, if you want to repost a video, it’s simply called “reposting”, and content creators are called “artists”.

people want what vine had to offer. i really can’t imagine someone seeing a new name for the same concept and saying “wow…that sucks. definitely not checking it out” lmfao. so many app names are generic and dull but it is what they have to offer that makes the name.

few people are using oevo because they know it is not the official V2 app. if it were, more people would definitely flock to it despite having a different name.

people do like change and people do welcome change! so many top networks and app look significantly different from its beginning origins. instagram was first called burbn lmfao, the name change was a good one, (noah fence to instagram)!

and as @ryanreid has said, those of us in the forums should absolutely do our part when it comes to implementing changes and letting people know more information!

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People really don’t like change, did you see how people reacted to the new Snapchat Update? It led to people actually ditching the app and using it less because people were losing views. Same with when the new updates on Instagram took place, it took a few months before people got used to it. V2 doesn’t have a few months though because it is a new app. It’s then or never, unfortunately.

It was nice talking to you and seeing your perspective. I can understand where you are coming from but this is the reality. If anything, people nowadays are less understanding and more demanding. Give what the people want then slowly gravitate to your needs later when everything is stable.