{CLOSED} V2 Name Suggestion - Similar with Manipulation

turns out anything starting with a V and ending in an E is too risky even if it works cannot be done.
It was fun discussing this though. I still have more names.

Constantly editing this with new ideas, arguments, situations and more to summarise the app. Please don’t take this so seriously, it’s just a fun suggestion. There are some good names out there (as well as bad ones) just be prepared for more posts! Also please don’t advertise your ideas here lads, it gives off a “Your idea sucks, look at mine” vibe. Thank you!

Hi, I thought of a smart way to keep the name V*ne in terms of the logo as well as how it sounds. V2 is a great name for reference but how would it be implemented in the actual app?

I decided on Vyne. I searched it up online and the only thing I found was a school called The Vyne in Basingstoke but nobody owns the name or is linked to the name. If you put the loop font onto the word Vyne, you can manipulate it to look like an “I” between the “Y” which I have attempted to do. It could work with the original font used for V1 as well as the rest of the letters in lowercase. Also, I admit in writing it looks different but the logo doesn’t have to be. Check the logo ideas I made:


It looks great in black too: vvvvv

It would still sound like V*ne and we could still have all the same “revine” options etc only it would be:
Revyne, Vyners, Vyne etc.

I’ve tried (and failed) to incorporate the loops on my laptop:

At least then it would still reach to the audience in the same way with previous trends which I think solves the issue here by @LeaElizabeth in https://community.byte.co/t/once-v2-comes-out-how-will-we-prevent-artists-saying-v-ne/9014?u=ryanreid&source_topic_id=14859

What do you think?

Edit: I understand that they do want to stray away from being too similar to V1 but i’m just thinking that too much of a difference might scare away the audience? They may not see it as V2 or a follow-up from V1 but instead something completely different from what people were expecting but you know it’s just a thought :smile:

Here are a few pros and cons to look at with the naming of V2 if it ever comes to that:

Keeping it as V2 pros:

  1. We don’t have to worry about the naming, it can simply be version 2


  1. We won’t be able to control what people make the V stand for. People will end up referring to it as Vne 2 or keep associating it to Vne

  2. Leads to confusion

  3. There is an e-cigarette company under the name

Giving it an unassociated name Pros:

  1. Keeps the app unassociated from Twitter

  2. Allows some change/originality (aside from concept)


  1. Becomes foreign to the audience

  2. Leads to confusion because features are the same and doesn’t link to the placeholder V2

  3. Whether Dom likes it or not, people will associate themselves as a person of the new name e.g. Instagram = Instagrammers, Vibe = Vibers, Snapchat = Snappers/Snapchatters, Youtube = Youtubers

  4. Loses a chance in building a community and audience because people aren’t familiar or do not like the name

Giving the app a name similar to the original but different: Pros

  1. Is more familiar with the audience once the situation is explained (I don’t think a lot of people actually understand the reason for the “Death of V*ne”)

  2. Allows users to still associate themselves with the app whether that may be creator/artist/ the name-ers as well as keeping features familiar

  3. Stays catchy and reduces confusion


  1. Could result in a flag up in copyright or some form of “copying”

There are pros and cons for each situation but I feel as though whichever option drives away the audience, even more, is what would be a bigger downfall than 1 or two legal issues which can be solved quickly. If people aren’t attracted to the app at all, it would be pointless. But who knows :woman_shrugging:t4:

I am back and the main argument here (in summary) is that will the name really have an effect on what audience is attracted and/or if an audience will or will not be attracted? I decided to do a poll on my private/main instagram accounts both having around 200 followers. I will do one on twitter soon because I have 3.7K followers at the moment which means I can get in a larger scale opinion. As of now here are the results:



Here is a link to my other name suggestions!



Personally I think this is effing genuis! But, I think they’re trying to stray away from it being too similar. But, who knows! Maybe @dom would go for it!


Ha! Thanks, and yeah I can understand that, I’m just thinking that if the name is too different, people might not see it as V2 but something totally different instead but thanks!


I freaking LOVE IT! I hope it gets this name. :smiley:


Thank you so much! Ha basic user finally making not so basic ideas


I love this. I said on another thread, I don’t think the name being similar to vine is an issue, even Dom said that this is a ‘follow-up to vine’. Besides, if we’re speaking honestly, this app pretty much is vine, regardless of how hard people like to doubt it is. It will also keep all the ‘6 second artists’ in the same box which I like (in terms that they’ll be called viners/vyners). It’s kinda like the old generation (vine) and the new generation (Vyne) coming together. I really like this.


Yeah exactly, a new gen Vine. Thank you for your input! :smile:


I love it


Thank you!!!


You’re welcome


It depends how close Dom wants the app to be related to vine


I think the app itself is already so close to V1, I think using a completely different name or something that doesn’t at least ring a bell will ultimately end the app before it even starts. We want the audience to feel familiar rather than foreign but true. Aside that though, does name seem ok?

Thanks for the input!


It’s really good but it definitely sounds similar to the original vine app when you say it.


Yeah exactly but it is a safer option if we want people to use V2 because that is how many see it, a second V-ne


i like it :blush:


Thank you!!


it’s a nice spin off but it would definitely open them up into a lawsuit because it is too close to the vine trademark

it would be fine if V2 wasn’t supposed to be similar to vine already and was a completely different kind of app but the concept similarities + the names sounding virtually the same wouldn’t be a good recipe, unfortunately /:


idk about this

ok absolutely love this!!! this is by far my favorite one!

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I liked the black icon