"closed by peers"

I haven’t been able to access Byte properly since yesterday! The app opens but doesn’t reFresh, if I try to, it says “closed by peer”… Can someone help me undertand what this means Please?!
Not a Happy Byter🥺


please sort this out, it’s Halloween!!! And also a good friend’s Birthday, I NEED TO POST!!!

I’m experiencing the same issue too, and to be honest I’m really frustrated about it, I’m currently locked out of the App.
I sent a mail to " support@byte.co " and I’m yet to receive a response from them. I have no idea if it’s a bug or maybe I’m suspended :weary:


A friend of mine (NykkeyB her byte) said to me. backup your phone with the Byte app deleted. Then reset the phone to the default factory settings. After all that reinstall Byte it should work again. I still have to try it but from the looks of it there isn’t any other way. Maybe by doing this it will work. But if this doesn’t work you would need to use another device to access Byte

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