Clickable links in Bio?

I’ve seen this discussed, and now we have Twitter, Instagram and a few others.
How about clickable website links tho?
Are they planning to bring them in?

Never having them means many many accounts won’t be able to monetise their following, and creators won’t be able to sell merchandise, etc.


A Web link is definitely needed, I also noticed byte profiles aren’t even linkable (unless I tried the wrong thing) which is pure madness!


You can link to your byte profile is byte’s, for example. It’s just /yourusername and doesn’t need to be claimed like it did with Vine. I think @dom is working on allowing links in the profile bio though and I’ve seen other social media options discussed.

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Just tried that and it doesn’t create a link in my bio

Oh you’re trying to link byte in byte?

Yeah I thought it would be good for linking main/alt accounts

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Also think about stanning

Can we get YouTube please?