Classic bytes / The Vault

Similar to the Spotlight channel but would specifically showcase content from the beginning of byte. It would be rad if it was called “The Vault”

There’s so much amazing content out there that is simply buried and I would absolutely love to see old videos have a 2nd chance to shine.

Your thoughts?


Definitely love it! I think it would be cool if everyone had their own version of this on their own profile too and can create different collections/vaults of their favourites.


Wow this is a great idea! I also like @Alphawings idea, it could be like Snapchat memories


Incredible idea @imrdavis !!!

There’s so much content on the app, and with the vast majority of current users joining after June 2020, a lot of the old trends and gems have been forgotten.

In addition, maybe we can recirculate old hashtags that were once featured? Like a Hashtags of the Year -type of thing? Hashtags like #bytefighter would be great for the newer crowd to get showcased with the community and join in on the previous fun we all enjoyed.


I think this idea is incredible but I did want to throw out some of my thoughts and concerns to go along with this.

I think the overall idea here is fantastic and the team should implement it. I don’t even want to get into the details on when they decide something becomes eligible for the “yearly vault” because theres so many factors that obviously some posts will be like why, and other posts you wont believe arent grouped in there. Theres not going to be a good way to do it besides some will hit or miss.

I question if yearly is an appropriate time frame for this. Its going to be very weird seeing byte alpha and beta posts capped at 6 seconds in the same collage as videos today. its like a totally different app which makes me wonder if a year is too long of a time frame. I have been seeing some byte compliations going around of “best of the year” and “favorite of year” and its funny how those videos are only showcasing videos and creators from april, many of which havent posted since then. See how that feels odd?

My other thought is that while this idea sounds cool, but active users this feature would become obsolete almost immediately once its released because we just want to see ourselves and our friends and our favorite videos. We have access to these things anyway. New people will get a chance to see a lot of new creators they might miss… but youre looking at such a small amount of bytes traffic. I think this idea will shine for a week and be stagnant stanky water after that if i had a guess. even if you randomized whats inside.

In summary, i think this feature works, but I think it should be divided more into first half and 2nd half of year. The other thing is that once they make it i think they should release it for… a week or 2 at maximum? They can re-release it every 3 months or something but I don’t think anyone will care about it after its honey-moon period on release.

Let me know what you think. I hope the byte team does something like this for the community.


I’d hate to run into my 1st byte if this idea becomes a reality… :skull: :skull: :skull:


Yeah, together with playlists on profiles so you can more easily binge older content


Aw that’s a good idea