Clash of Clans

any one of you beautiful v2 forum members play clash of clans and are any good?

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Used to play, I deleted it a few months ago bc it was too time consuming :joy: I’m actually reinstalling clash royale rn on my new phone

I got the app when it first came out but haven’t played in like a year. I get on once in awhile but I’ve moved on to clash Royale, I think it more competitive.


Used to play it, just started from scratch now

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Even I used to play that game… Oh man! That game is just damn addictive! It wasted many hours of my life :joy:. It’s really good actually, but not for those who want to achieve smthn big in their life.

I played and it was Town Hall 8 when the maximum was 10

I’m a TH 8 :grimacing:

im a max th 10 and just got to champion III

should I?

Used to play it back in 2014 but left it because i couldn’t move on to th7 (don’t judge).

bump because i want to start a clan if anyone wants to join :slight_smile: <3

Me!!! Let’s make one