Clash for clout chasers?

Clash isn’t available in the UK so I have never used the app or seen what it looks like but I’ve heard sooo much about it recently.

Since byte stated that it will be ending its partner program it has shown a lot of people’s true intentions. Wanting to create content for money is not a necessarily bad thing because if you work for it then you deserve it. But my problem is with the people that believe that is the only reason to make videos.

They don’t interact with their fans. They don’t say thank you. They don’t listen to any criticism and just see it as hate. They follow the money and the big names like a lost puppy but stick around long enough everywhere to say they’re an OG and “where’s my clout?” at the end. They don’t care about community.

That’s not cool. It doesn’t make you look trustworthy to anyone wanting to invest in you. And it is likely people will begin to use you the same way you don’t realise that you’re using them.

End of TED talk. (I’m genuinely interested in other people’s opinions on this)


Trust me you’re not missing much the whole gimmick is “oh yeah we are creators creating an app for creators” which sounds cool and all but basically that’s the same things as them saying “I’m like basically a doctor cause I watched like 3 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy :nail_care:t3:


this name is horrible, Clash for me is Clash Royale


Omg the Grey’s Anatomy line took me hahah.

But seriously though that must create some sort of divide between really big creators and people with a couple thousand on instagram. The big creators will just keep getting bigger while everyone trails behind?


Ngl, my opinion on this is basically all summed up into this particular topic below

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The fans keep coming back so :man_shrugging:


This is so funny because I had no idea they were ending the program until I read this post. Unfortunately clout chasers are everywhere I think the ones making post like “can I blow up on here?” or “where is my fame” are red flags too. My content isn’t God tier or anything but at least I enjoy what I make c:
If you’re not having fun you’re not going to want to keep going but as you said the ones who are only in it for the money disregarding all criticism are crap. Glad to know they’re leaving, I don’t want to see them anyway lol. In regards to clash it feels exactly like I thought it would just a buggier version of triller only caring about big names. I see someone who used this app when it launched constantly pushing that one because they’re gaining followers on it. Just really sad.



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