Chronological or Algorithmic Timeline?

Chronological of Algorithmic Timeline?

Instagram (and I think Twitter) used to show its posts on the timeline in order of when they were posted. Now, they’re organized to (supposedly) show you the posts that they think you would care about first. I’m not sure if @dom has any plans or views regarding the timeline, but which would the users prefer? Let’s have a discussion about what you would like to see and why or if you have any alternate suggestions.

  • Chronological (in order of time posted)
  • Algorithmic (in some whack order)

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@dom definitely chronological

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Chronological all the way

100% chronological everyone on instagram hates algorithmic

Twitter gives you the option to show tweets chronologically still. You just need to go into settings and turn off “show me the best tweets first”. But on the topic of v2, it should definitely have a chronological option. on instagram I’m constantly missing my friends’ posts!

I like the idea of giving users both options. I personally love to see things chronologically so I can see everything, but I don’t think it is a bad idea to allow people to have the other option.

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i think it should be a mix or a choice to allow users to have more control over what they see

Algorithims killed IG. Please @dom don’t do algorithims. Please:joy:

We need chronological timelines Dom. Already planning the wall around Zucc’s house for what he did to instagram.

haha yeah overwhelming support in this poll

Chronological at first then Algorithmic…

Chronological for the main timeline but have a section that shows “things you may have missed” if you want to see that.


In the chance that there is some sort of algorithmic sorting, it’s so important that V2 is 100% transparent on how the algorithm works.
Social media platforms with opaque algorithms have the ability to moderate the traffic of creators’ posts and not have anyone know :grimacing:
So it’s more important than just the user experience of scrolling through and seeing posts in order!


Pls chronological… Instagram just kills the vibe with algorithms smh

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