Chronological news feed, or like instagram's?

I know Dom has complained about how everytime he refreshes his IG, it’s the same posts in different order. However I think it is important to recognize that the algorithms aren’t made for accounts only following 10 people (I’m sorry Dom hahaha). When you follow a few hundred, it actually seriously helps to have posts with the most activity come first, as well as people you most engage with. This makes “refreshing” a page truly refreshing the content. Thoughts on what would be better? The IG news feed style, or a chronological style? Or maybe a brand new system so that accounts following 50 or less will see their news feed in chronological, while above 50 starts to actually show suggested orders based on engagement and content impact/popularity?

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I’ve always thought facebook has it pretty solid with letting you choose most popular or most recent so it’s just left to personal preference

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Yeah this is what I don’t get. Instagram and Facebook are supposedly a joint venture now. Most users are unhappy with the current IG algorithm. So why not just switch the what they have similar to Facebook right?

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I hope they dont do what :instagram: IG did. Really ruined it.

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When zuck bought instagram he said he wanted to keep them “separate experiences”.
But basically most of the time when companies buy out other ones they tend not to really change anything fundamental about the product (given they’re buying it because it’s successful) because they know it’s successful because of those fundamentals.Most people on the product that’s bought also generally keep their jobs as well and are just overseen by the new parent company with varying degrees of input and new policies/requirements.

(slightly off topic in this but yeah cx)

Facebook definitely has the BEST feed algorithms


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Right. Then I guess we’re still back to square one; the new algorithm sucks haha

Chronological news feed would be alot more convenient and easy to follow, don’t do what ig did

The feed that IG had before it had changed would be great. A lot of us miss the old Instagram.

Plzs don’t follow instagram :sweat_smile: instead keep it chronological


i think there should be an option to switch between the two. i follow around 300 people on instagram but i’d still much rather see everything in order. sometimes i wont see something from one of my favorite artists until a couple days have past, and i feel like i miss out on everything.


Like others have said, I think we should be able to choose one or the other. :grimacing:

Chronological feed.

So it means that if imagine my v-ne is seen 2 time and the 600 other more than 200, my vine will be even more hidden ? That is really dumb tbh.

An algorithmic approach would really hurt small creators, as it’s harder for them to get the ammount of attention as more established creators. Therefore this would just result in another site with a snowball effect propelling peddlers to the top and leaving most actual content creators behind :confused:

An option to switch between the two would be great, but maybe have the algorithm try and balance out popular posts based on the amount of followers each artist has?

Like a percentage based algorithm rather than just a number based one?

I wanna see chronological but if I’m away for a bit I also wanna see the popular stuff I missed out on so an option would be ideal

I prefer Chronological.

Hopefully we get the option to pick. Like on reddit when you can choose to see the ‘hot’ posts or ‘new’ posts in a subreddit.