Choosing a category (hardest decision)

Choosing a category for your video is the hardest decision of my life, I am always worried does it goes to experimental or weird or funny or screenies where will it trend what will happen which category to post. Ever happened with you? What’s your go to category


Haha, I see you in screenies alot


I should post in funny


A lot harder to get seen there…

I swear

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Happens to me a lot. But oh well, I pick the main theme based off of my video :man_shrugging:t4:


Like @Pac said, choosing the main theme of the video is key. If it’s meant to be comedy but there is some gaming (and the gaming is funny) - stick with Comedy and vice versa … If something wasn’t meant to be funny but it focuses on a certain game, pick Gaming. It really depends on what you, yourself is trying to put out there, and how you want to entertain your audience (and what your page may focus on). Always do it for yourself first :heart:.


Agreed, don’t pick the category based on if you’ll trend, pick the appropriate one based on your content. I usually make comedy Bytes, but when I switched it up and did some rapping, I posted to Voices. And it did quite well there, a lot of great conversation and comments!