Choose the best 6s video

One of the things that bothered me the most in Vine was that when I recorded the 6 sec sometimes the cool stuff happened right at the end so I was thinking about an option like Snapchat where you can record multiple videos (6 I guess) and pick your favorite or send them all, but in this case just watch’em all and pick one


I think that would be interesting, especially if it’s an unplanned video and something funny just happens at the end


that would be nice!!


So what about being able to film around 30 seconds and then using editing to just chose the 6 seconds you want to post


Not bad idea

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Thats something @dom should definitely take a look into.

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Yes, or just that you’re able to film for much longer and just select the 6 seconds you want to use in the end!

Yes it’s a good idea

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I love this idea

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Genius hopefully they add this feature

It may be a little unnecessary if people are able to upload their camera roll videos anyways. I love the idea, but a little criticism is alway important. :wink:

*cough 6.5 seconds *cough sorry lol


Hmmmm that’s an awesome idea!!! I like it!

Liking it