Chocolate vs Mayo (poll)

Which one tastes better? Drop your thoughts on this important topic below

  • Chocolate
  • Mayo

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This feels like if I asked if water or going to Disney world was better


Chocolate FYI

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Melted chocolate mixed with mayo :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

dont take this serious

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How about…

Would you rather…

  • spend the entire day in line at the DMV
  • win the lotto

Chocolate of course! :chocolate_bar: I don’t even like mayo! :joy:

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so you voted for mayo then? haha

i’m not surprised haha

hey there’s someone who likes it out there in the world. Idk who but someone lol

this dude is a baller

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3am mayo sandwich hits different :woozy_face::raised_hands:

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Da man Big Ed! :joy:

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yeah one step to high cholestoral lol

his hair is impeccable to say the least lol

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