Childhood Memories

so basically i was taking a lovely cold shower (i had just gone for a run in the boiling hot weather and was covered in sweat ew)

and i had this sudden flashback like the ones you see in the movies. and suddenly all i can remember is 12 year old me discovering what gay men were when i accidentally found a Stampylongnose x IBallisticsquid fanfiction on wattpad ya know?

posts like these are why Sqaishey (stampys wife) unfollowed me on instagram tbh


bro i started reading this like it was gonna be wholesome or something, and I was gonna say “yah i been thinking of old childhood memories A LOT lately for some reason” but noooo you had to make it about some minecraft fanfic :pensive:


I had a good laugh at this reply. I applaud you, good sir! :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5: