Chicagoans: please stay safe. Trump is sending troops


This is a practice run for when he loses. They are snatching people off the street in Portland already and now they are moving in on Chicago. If you see unmarked vehicles and unidentifiable officers, run in the other direction. Our own government believes we are the enemy and they will treat you like a terrorist suspect.


I was just downtown last Friday and it got pretty ugly. This could be even worse. Uh oh.

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Please stay safe. I am really worried for you and everyone who could potentially be targeted. Don’t stop fighting but please stay as safe as possible while you do so.

Trump has already sent troops to Portland.
They are literally kidnapping people. I have seen it with my own eyes.
Travel in packs. Make sure somebody knows were you are- tell them in person, don’t rely on technology. Make sure you have the proper tools for counteracting the things they might use, and snacks.
Watch out for unmarked vans. Keep an eye out for right wing idiots imitating or “helping” the feds too.

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Ahhh shit. Honest I’m not scared and I’ve been living in Chicago my entire life. I’ve seen A LOT of crazy shit

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