Chat Rooms For Each Category

Continuing the discussion from V2: Chatting Rooms and DMS:

Hopefully it’s ok I pulled this from a closed topic (are there rules for that /btw?).

The suggestion I had before I came to the closed topic, more specifically @kaden’s reply, was the use of a global chat room. Instead, I decided to ask a different question. Could every category have its own chat room you can access? When you choose to view a V2 category on either desktop, or mobile. You can also join an optional chat room specific to that category.


Great idea!

Oooh I never saw the original thread, love the idea!

not a bad idea!

Cool, i like the idea

I think it’s a good idea, but the only problem is…
Imagine the number of messages loaded every second, you could never have an actual talk with somebody…

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But otherwise! Great idea