Charecter limit workaround

We have had multiple workarounds
Whitespace - Took long to copy and paste
Ellipsis - Dots still visible
Html - Too long to copy and paste.
nbsp - Easier but hard to get working, and doesnt work with every message

I have found an exploit through the HTML method. I was wondering if any HTML code works, and it turns out it does. The newest workaround is <_> and put anything where the underscore is. It wont appear on the site what you put in there. Check comments for examples!!



----examples end----

So is this like an new option to 8char aswell?

Yeah pretty much

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I use < bruhmoment > (no spaces) because its long enough to fill it up no matter the length of the text displayed

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This is what I’ve been using to get past the minimum character limit: &nbsp;

It’s an HTML non-breaking space. I used it in my “Post Nothing” thread that someone deleted today. :frowning:

Cool! Updated