Channels Question

What does following a channel do?

Does following channels influence what shows up on your My Mix? It does seem so.


If I remember correctly yes it does


It doesn’t seem to do that for me. I even tested by following just one channel and it has no effect.

So, what is the purpose of following channels?


Yeah, it does, but the algorithm throws in other channels as well from time to time. From what I can tell, that’s also influenced by who you follow, the content that you’ve liked, etc.

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I figured it put the videos in your following feed which seemed insane to me. Not sure why anyone would follow a channel :thinking::sweat_smile:

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I only follow the soothing channel, as everything else is chaotic and messy. When my “My Mix” page actually works I see like 75% soothing stuff and 25% other random stuff so it does prioritize it.

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It seems to have no effect at all on my “My Mix”.

following a channel really does not affect my Your Mix really. So if it doesn’t already this would be something cool!

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Bumping this because I still don’t see ANY videos from the channels I follow in my Your Mix and I would really like to!

Maybe it’s an issue of priority built into the algorithm towards popular bytes over followed channel bytes. Maybe that could be reversed?