Channels clean up, please

Just wondering (and hoping) if the mods are going to get the chance to clean up the flood of nonsense in all the channels so only relevant bytes that fit the channel are there (hence why I assume the rules are there). There are some channels where there are obviously bytes that do not belong, and at this point it seems to be most of them. How does this leak into channels like amv/dogs/cats.
These are simply:
Is this an anime music video? No. Out.
Does this have a dog in it? No. Out.
Is there a cat anywhere? No. Out.

I understand it is hard to clean up a flood with a limited number moppers. However, I will only getting saltier the longer I have to go without being able to easily find what I want to enjoy.

Okay, can I stop drowning in this stupid water metaphor?


dom stated that channel moderation would be stopped/ decreased right before the swarm.

i would expect it to be handled or fixed very shortly, and anything that is out of place is still subject to the report button and the content moderators will still review everything.


I know you guys can move videos out of channels that they don’t fit in because you’ve been doing it quickly and strictly for some time now. Can we get some of that for the new kids to make the channels actually usable again, or are they just getting a pass so they’ll stick around?

I tried to use the channels to find content in this new wave that I might enjoy and want to follow, but it’s useless right now.

Edit: Also, I clicked report to see if there’s an option to report miscategorization. I forgot it just instantly reports them. So, sorry Byte team. That girl didn’t do anything egregious. She just doesn’t have a cat in the cat channel.


I’m just getting started on byte 2 days ago got 500 loops on 3 videos with 3 followers am i doing okay? Or do i need to do something else to get my videos to homescreen how will i make my videos more popular?? Can anybody help me?

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No cat… that’s criminal

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Try categorizing the way you feel your post best fits and then tag it with an appropriate trending hashtag.

Right now the altbyte hashtag is huge and I’ve gotten a bunch of engagement just welcoming them.

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Thank you i got ur point… :blush::heart:

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Thank you so muchh I’ll do this in my next video :heart::blush:

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Can I recategorize my video after months of uploading it? I seem to not have the option because of the category update.

In other words now is the time to post and not get every single one of my posts kicked off the correct channel?

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My bytes are getting flooded out of the channels/latest within minutes of posting from all the repetitive tiktok garbage walls of text. I would prefer a fix sooner rather than later.

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